If you have a busy family lifestyle, with children and pets, then Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a great value option for you.

The Benefits

1. Bespoke Design

You can add modern designs with natural wood or ceramic tiles designs, looks stunning and gives a long lasting and attractive appearance.

If you have seen a design, we can certainly do this for you, if not, come and have a look at what we have on display in our Showroom.

At Flooring Projects we are confident of having something to suit every taste and lifestyle.

2. Easy to maintain

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is becoming a household and workplace favourite thanks to its versatility and practicality. Meeting all your demanding daily activities, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is effortless to maintain, easy to clean, hard-wearing, pet friendly, 100% waterproof and ultimately looks stunning. What’s more, it holds a minimum 20-year warranty, ensuring that your flooring is as fresh as the day it was fitted.

— Meets all your demanding daily activities - Hardwearing, versatile and resilient
— Wipe Clean / Resistant to stains / 100% Waterproof
— Easy to repair - A hole, scrape or worse - no problem just replace that one piece of vinyl flooring
— Minimum 20 years warranty - most have a lifetime warranty

3. Value for money

Affordable luxury with enhanced quality and durability