With the endless choice and flexibility of design, Luxury Vinyl Flooring allows you to get the look you want the way you want it. 

Whether it's a natural oak wood or a marble stone effect the choice it not only in the type but in the way it is laid. Straight, herringbone, 45 degrees with or without a border - you will get the perfect solution for your home or office. Try it for yourself with your flooring visualiser.

Natural Wood
Natural wood has a multitude of configurations that can be used with many different Luxury Vinyl Flooring products. A normal straight plank can be laid 45 degrees as well as offer a decorative edging to finish off your room.

Stone Effect

It is amazing how Luxury Vinyl Flooring can give you that stone effect whilst giving you durability and flexibility. Laid in the traditional way any tiling can be, whilst offering warmth under your feet all year round. It can also have design strips applied that gives the authenticity of grout.

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