Luxury Vinyl Flooring also referred to as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) may have been around for decades, but not many people are familiar with it. However in 2022 it is ever increasingly becoming the flooring of choice for many.

If you are unaware of the benefits, we’ve narrowed the countless features down to a Top 10 List, so you can consider it as one of your top choices when it’s time to choose flooring for your home, or office project.

The Look
Achieve an authentic feel of hardwood, stone or ceramic flooring but with a much more hardwearing, water-resistant material of Luxury Vinyl Flooring. It's genuine appearance means it is an effective substitute for real wood or stone, one that offers greater versatility. Plus, there are innovative designs and aesthetic options popping up all the time from the manufacturers.
The Choice
Flooring Projects offer a highly expansive range, over 400 in fact, with choices in colour, texture and finish. This enables you to gain the desired look you had in mind or perhaps even explore new options. The Flooring Projects Projects Team are always on hand to offer their opinion, expertise or recommendations.
Maintenance Free
Achieve longevity and a maintenance free approach with Flooring Projects’ Luxury Vinyl Flooring. The surface of the flooring will not dent or scratch as easily as some natural wood or stone flooring options, and you won’t get the discolouration you may gain with natural flooring. All it requires to keep it looking fresh and new is a regular sweep to remove any dust or dirt, and an occasional mop to restore its fresh sheen look. So, if you have small children, and/or and pets, you can simply sit back and relax in the knowledge that you can just wipe this surface clean without any stress after they’ve been let loose around the house!
Luxury Vinyl Flooring is naturally warmer to touch. Bare stone or slate can become
extremely cold, especially in the winter months, but it stays at a regulated temperature so that it is always warm and comfortable under foot. Perfect for the home, a garden office or interior space.
The installation of Luxury Vinyl Flooring is very straightforward and simple. Flooring Projects also offer a full 360-project service - From design to supply through to installation. Flooring Projects have the design and installation proficiency to help navigate your flooring choice and fit-out in your home or workplace.
The flooring itself has sound reducing benefits and is much quieter to walk on than wood or stone. The acoustic qualities also make it quiet as it helps to absorb sound, making for a peaceful setting.
Open to all the Elements
The beauty of Luxury Vinyl Flooring is that it is tolerant to the challenging and changing environmental pressures. Natural flooring can often react to moisture and humidity but it can handle the constant changes in temperature. Therefore, it’s also the ideal choice for rooms with large amounts of natural light, conservatories, summer rooms or orangeries.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring also has the benefit of being highly durable, therefore it can be used throughout all home environments and given that it’s waterproof, it is safe to install in most wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms where natural products like wood may not be suitable.
To prove just how strong and heard-wearing Luxury Vinyl Flooring really is, Flooring Projects provide a minimum 20-year warranty on all their standard products with others providing lifetime warranties. So, once fitted, you needn’t worry about costs of wear and tear and re-purchasing every few years.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a very thin but durable floor covering, so it’s perfect for anyone covering over an existing floor, or undertaking household renovations. Ideal for if you want a natural looking floor but only have a thin or narrow gap between your existing floor and your doors.